Wisconsin Supernormal Extras

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Here you will find stories about the paranormal, that happen in the central Wisconsin area. There will sometimes be stories about paranormal events that took place somewhere else posted.

If you have a paranormal story you would like to share, please, click on the Submit link below and fill out the form. To see upcoming Paranormal tours, click on the calendar link below.

You will also find other things here, such as info on: Angels, Spiritual, Spirit Guides, Healing, Etc.  Or visit the Blogs I follow or other good websites by clicking on the Links link below.

Or click on the Paranormal Map link and then simply click on the county name you want and see a list of paranormal activities in that county. (Wisconsin Only.)    Or check the book list. I list books that I think might contain useful information.

With our newest Author, Peggy, you will now also be able to enjoy stories....some that are true...and some that are not.....which one is true or not....is up to you to decide :-D
If you have a paranormal photo, submit it to me and I will post it in the photos section. Click HERE to submit your photo.